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Sizer XXL
American Pure Whey
Contains 70 g protein, 5 g creatine, 14 g glutamine and 150 g carbohydrate per serving.
Instant Anabolic Muscle containing 30% protein
SIZER XXL is formulated to aid the increase of muscular bodyweight.  

SIZER XXL is a powerful mass gaining formula designed to pack size on the hardest gainers. This potent formula delivers more calories and protein gram for gram. American Pure Whey puts an emphasis on the amount of protein per serving since it is the only nutrient proven to assist in promoting muscle mass. Enriched with 70 g of protein per serving which will assist in quick muscle recovery post workout.

American Pure Whey uses only cross flow, micro filtered, cold processed ion exchanged whey protein. This protein has a superior amino acid profile, an unbeatable bioavailability, is low in lactose and is instantized for easy mixing without a blender.

You simply will not find a protein of this grade used in other weight gain formulas. American Pure Whey has avoided overloading its formula with carbohydrates. American Pure Whey uses just enough to help fuel your workouts and replenish depleted glycogen stores, but not enough to cause drowsiness.

Studies show that too many carbohydrates increases the levels of serotonin crossing over the brain barrier, thereby inducing drowsiness. Fat, although shunned by some, is highly concentrated energy source (double that of protein and carbohydrates) supplying the body with fat soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Fat is also a necessary component of all cell membranes, nerve covering, digestive secretions and most importantly, hormone production. A diet too low in fats may actually impair growth.

SIZER XXL contains nearly double the amount of protein (amino acids) than competing brands, and only protein builds muscle. No product contains more protein or calories or derives its calories from higher quality muscle building ingredients. The next generation of Musclegain.

Contains 70 g protein, 5 g creatine, 14 g glutamine and 150 g carbohydrate per serving.
The quality calories of protein can build muscle tissue (not carbohydrates or fats), instant Anabolic Muscle contains nearly double the amount of protein than competing brands; containing 30% protein - highest quality amino acids (more than any other brand). No product contains more protein or calories unless fat is added or the serving size is increased.
Any high calorie product will enable you to gain weight, but it's not just weight you want to gain, it's muscle. In combination with training, SIZER XXL is formulated to aid the increase of muscular bodyweight, not body fat. SIZER XXL is a new generation of muscle gainer, loaded with amino acids and power nutrients.
When used as directed, SIZER XXL will aid the increase of muscular bodyweight more rapidly than those "Hot" products and ("Hot" product imitators, most of which are just full of stuff). Don't be fooled by before and after marketing and university studies; you and only you will be the best proof of results.
Additional muscular bodyweight is what body building is all about; SIZER XXL is the most effective product and logical choice for aiding the increase of muscular bodyweight.
Add 3 level scoop to 16 ounces of cold water or your favorite beverage. Mix well and consume immediately
Take 3 serving of American Pure Whey SIZER XXL.
On training days, take one serving within one hour after your workout.
American Pure Whey REVIEWS
By phiip98         4.0  Absolutely great product!
  American Pure Whey : Sizer xxl Reviews

Sizer xxl is truely a good product. Why not get all that protein if you want to feed your muscles? Well most people dont understand that the body can only process so much protein per hour depending on body weight. Someone like me weighing in at 160 can only process about 20 grams per hour so the rest would just go to waste. I suggest getting one of those big jugs of water and mixing the mass xxx in there and just sip on it threw the day. This stuff also has a ton of calories. 750 per serving!? Thats just under half based on a 2000 calorie diet. But if big is what you want then big is what you will get with this product but dont kid yourself about getting "lean muscle" the people who said they got lean on these reviews are jokes. I dont mean to be rude but why steer you in the wrong direction? In conclusion this is a sound product i own it and like it but you better be ready to do a lot of cardio to burn off some of the none muscular weight you will add on.

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