Us Whey Isolate
Pure L-glutamine Powder
American Pure Whey
Contains 5 grams of USP grade L-glutamines
Great for recovery after intense workouts
Pharmaceutical Grade(USP)
Mixes easily and tastes great
Provides essential amino acids to build muscle tissue
American Pure Whey L-glutamine Increases Muscle Growth & Recovery and Enhances Protein Synthesis. The New Bodybuilding Standard in Glutamine Supplementation! American Pure Whey Glutamine scientifically advanced purified and potent Glutamine has set a new standard in amino acid supplementation. Through the development of an advanced pharmaceutical deliver technology, APW scientists have created a superior glutamine with enhanced absorption and bio-availability. Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in skeletal muscles and throughout the body, dominating the amino acid metabolic pool.
Instant Fuel for muscles
Awesome Taste and easy mixing
Consume 5-10 grams with your favorite beverage. Consume two or three times daily
Mix 5-10 grams with 12 oz of water or juice
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